March 12, 2015

Blogging from A to Z

I can't believe that I am doing this AGAIN!!

I signed up at the beginning of the year, but I have been on the fence about actually participating. I have enjoyed the challenge for 3-years now, but there was something about last year that made me feel like I just couldn't do it again.

The first year I did the challenge (2011) I had a blast. I wrote my posts by the seat of my pants and had a great time visiting other blogs and responding to comments (both on other blogs and on my own).

The next year I participated (2013) I planned out my posts a bit more. There was a lot of activity at the beginning of the challenge but it sort of petered out towards the end of the month. Even so, I still enjoyed the challenge enough to want to do it again the following year.

Last year (2014) had the largest amount of people participating in the challenge but I noticed very few people visiting my blog, much less leaving comments. From what I could tell this seemed to be happening just on my own blog though because I saw lots of comments on other blogs when I was visiting other challengers from the list. I didn't find 2014 to be as much fun as previous years. I decided then that I probably wouldn't participate in the next year's challenge.

But then I read the sign-up post for this year. And for some unknown reason I put my name on that list.

I think I may actually have a theme this year. I am starting to get a little bit excited about it all. April will soon be here. Oh boy, what have I done?

February 27, 2015

Just ignore it

I have this thing about not blogging unless I have a photo to go with the post. 

Recently, I have been dealing with a full hard drive on my computer. It won't even let me open a photo to view it. 

I have been writing all these blog posts but then they just sit there, unpublished. All because I don't have a photo. And since I don't want to deal with deleting stuff, I end up just ignoring the entire situation by not turning on the computer for weeks. As if ignoring it will make it all go away. 

But then again, I haven't turned on the computer lately to check. Who knows, maybe it's all fixed now.

February 16, 2015

2014: A year in scrapbooking

This post was supposed to be published in January, but as you can see that totally did not happen. And since I know it will bug me if I don't publish this particular year in review post, I am doing it now.

Although I didn't do any traditional scrapbooking this year (again), I did take part in the Index-Card-a-Day challenge. It's like a mini art journal page on an index card. I love doing this challenge and now-a-days it seems to be the only time I get to use my supplies. Here's hoping to a scrappier 2015!

icad 2014 :: Index card a day No. 2

January 27, 2015

2014: A year in yarn

I worked on many yarny projects this year but in the end I only managed to complete one. Well kind of. I still have the ends to weave in, but since the fun part was completed in 2014, I considered this project finished.


Spooky (up close)

Lots of ripples

: : DETAILS : :

Pattern: Neat Ripple Pattern from Attic24
Yarn: KnitPicks Brava Worsted in Asphalt Heather, Cobblestone Heather, Dove Heather & Persimmon
Hook (needle) size: 5.5 mm (I)
My Ravelry link: Spooky {ripple} 

January 13, 2015

2014: A year in photos

This year's update is a bit different than my usual year end photo update. Because I just couldn't stop myself, I took part in another 365 daily photo project. This would be my 4th one! This one was a bit different though because I ONLY used my iPod.

I took so many photos in 2014. I even took photos in addition to the photos I took for my daily photo challenge. My iPod is full. My computer hard drive is full. I have no space.

I do love having all these photos though. I love being able to look back and see what happened during the year. Especially since 2014 started and ended with taking care of a very sick kitty.

There are so many photos. I just couldn't pick a couple of photos for each month. So this year, I picked them all. Well, not really all of them. Just my iPod 365 photos.

2014: a year in photos | pg 1
2014: A year in photos | pg 2
2014: A year in photos | pg 3
2014: A year in photos | pg 4
2014: A year in photos | pg 5
2014: A year in photos | pg 6
2014: A year in photos | pg 7
2014: A year in photos | pg 8

Other years in review: 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009

December 31, 2014


Bye bye sweet Cairo kitty.

It is in their eyes that their magic resides
It is in their eyes that their magic resides.
~ Arthur Symons

December 26, 2014

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