July 21, 2014

icad 2014 :: Index card a day No. 10

I have to say that out of all the index cards that I have created for this year's ICAD challenge, this one is my favorite so far.

I really do love this challenge. I wish that I had been able to create an index card every day but it just didn't work out that way this year. I can't believe that this year's challenge is almost over. Only 10 more days to go!

icad 2014 :: Index card a day No. 10
Supplies: Bic Mark-it markers   

July 17, 2014

icad 2014 :: Index card a day No. 9

Index card No. 9 is another doodle.

I didn't want to deal with marker bleed and I didn't want to use black ink. So, I decided on my trusty blue ink pen. It didn't work out as well as it has in the past. The pen didn't want to work on the index card paper and it took a lot longer to fill in my doodles. 

icad 2014 :: Index card a day No. 9
Supplies: Uni-ball Signo 207

July 16, 2014

icad 2014 :: Index card a day No. 8

I really love the look of Mandalas. They are so intricate. I would love to be able to draw them.

My drawing ability is not very precise and it is even less so when working with markers that bleed. I love the colors of the Bic Markers but I hate that they bleed. I end up having to work very quickly and the end result is not very clean.

I am amazed at the people that can doodle using markers that bleed (like Sharpies or Bic). Their finished projects always look so good. I really need to learn their secret on how to stop the marker bleed.

icad 2014 :: Index card a day No. 8
Supplies: Bic Mark-it marker

July 14, 2014

icad 2014 :: Index card a day No. 7

I have really dropped the ball when it comes to creating index cards for this year's ICAD challenge. I haven't been creating that many cards this year and it is taking me forever to photograph the few that I have done.

I created this index card last month. It's about time that I shared it. It doesn't help that my computer just gave me the dreaded blue screen of death right in the middle of trying to write this blog post causing me to re-write the entire thing. Not that this is a super long blog post or anything.

This card is a simple black ink doodle. I kept thinking it still needed something more. But now, I am embracing all the white space.

icad 2014 :: Index card a day No. 7
Supplies: Zig Millennium pen

June 25, 2014

icad 2014 :: Index card a day Nos. 5 and 6

I have a couple of index cards to share with you today.

I am such a slacker. I have been so slow with taking and uploading my index card photos. It takes an hour or so for my computer to even acknowledge that my camera is even connected and that makes downloading pretty much a chore, so I try to do it as little as possible.

I am still playing with markers on these 2 cards. I really do need to get out of this rut and be creative with something other than just markers.

Index card no. 5

icad 2014 :: Index card a day No. 5
Supplies: Bic Mark-it markers

Index card no. 6

icad 2014 :: Index card a day No. 6
Supplies: Bic Mark-it markers, Zig Millennium pen

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